Benefits of Biodiversity

Everything is CONNECTED in the Food Web, maintaining BALANCE in the ecosystem.

Ecosystems are some of the most complicated networks on Earth. Every species is inter-dependent and so they work together as a whole. Biodiversity increases the spectrum of life and ensures sustainability for the entire ecosystem, and thus, our world. (2)

Coral reefs provide healthy ecosystems, supporting a huge array of biodiversity. 

Discovering Species

Biodiversity is so vast and so complicated, that biologists still haven't documented most species on our planet. Scientists continue to discover new species even in the 21st century. One of the most astonishing species discovery confirmations was in 2010 when scientists discovered that there are actually three species of elephant.

The African forest elephant (Laxodonta Cyclotis) is a distinctly different species than the African savannah elephant (Laxodonta Africana).

After studying DNA samples of elephants from Africa and Asia, scientists concluded that forest elephants are as related to savannah elephants as Asian elephants are to mammoths. In fact, the savannah elephant weighs nearly twice as much as the forest elephant. (3) This discovery shows just how complex biodiversity is and how much more there is to learn about it.

The African Forest Elephant (Laxodonta Cyclotis) lives in the rainforests of central Africa.

Benefits To Humans

"The value of global ecosystem services is estimated at $16 to $64 trillion" (4)

Biodiversity not only holds intrinsic and awe-inspiring values; it fuels our economy. Nearly everything we eat comes from nature and we depend on natural processes carried out by different organisms, such as the simple task of pollination.

In fact, in 2005, the estimated value of worldwide insect pollination totaled $217 billion.

This amount represented 9.5% of human agricultural food that year. (49) This just goes to show how small, seemingly insignificant organisms like insects actually hold the key to human survival and prosperity.

Biodiversity also serves as a natural stockpile of pharmaceuticals:

Medicine from the jungles 


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